Payment is expected at the time of service. I accept cash, checks and Pay Pal through one’s bank account. – No credit cards.

I am an in-network provider and file for:
Blue Cross Blue Shield (excluding Blue Local which is affiliated with Duke providers only)
I also accept out of network benefits. (you file)

Most Medicare clients have a secondary insurance plan and do not have a fee or copay.  If you do not have a secondary insurance, your fee is 20%, around $20.  If you have Medicare Advantage you will need to pay the session fee in entirety when we meet. I will provide you with a receipt for you to file with your insurance company. You will be reimbursed the session fee minus your copay. 

BCBS clients have a copay for each session, often around $30-$40/session, and sometimes have a yearly deductible to meet before insurance pays.  Please check you policy before we meet.

For those clients paying out of pocket, a reduced fee for ongoing sessions is possible if income and resources are limited.


I work with adults over 25 years of age. I am a very experienced clinician with over 37 years of working with a wide variety of people. With decades of experience, I will be able to  quickly and deeply understand your issues.

I have years of training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and have integrated my extensive knowledge and skills with body-mind modalities, relational psychotherapy and mindfulness-based treatment. My clients find me easy to relate to, warm, authentic, interactive and effective. My sense of humor provides support and a shared humanness.

There are numerous people who have had very successful therapy experiences in my office; coming in feeling depressed, anxious or hopeless and leave with a deeper sense of knowing and connection with themselves. As well, clients leave feeling more confident with the ability to manage their emotions. I am a well-known and esteemed therapist in Chapel Hill.

I would be happy to work with you and if you decide to proceed, the way to start is with a single session.


Individual Psychotherapy

First Initial Session Fee: $150 (Not Reimbursable by Insurance)

45-55  Minutes: $150

Couples Psychotherapy

55 minute session: $150

Group Psychotherapy  
90 Minute Group: $65 or insurance copay

Some services available by phone, FaceTime and Skype.