Group Psychotherapy- A key to relating well with others!

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Every Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Clients who feel isolated, alone, distrustful, or lack the skills necessary to relate and sustain healthy connection with others can all benefit from group therapy.


  1. Increases one’s sense of belonging, instills hope and helps to normalize feelings of ‘differentness’ or estrangement. Great adjunct to individual counseling/therapy.
  2. The interactive group experience provides ‘live action’ of one’s conflicts (i.e. fear of intimacy, problems with assertiveness) and seeks to help to unblock resistances, reduce feelings of shame and inadequacy, and build self esteem.
  3. Increases authentic expression and communication.
  4. Being in a group increases the possibility of reworking the old and experiencing new feelings and thoughts that enhance and expand one’s self-concept and world view.
  5. Can help you live life more fully: taking risks, repairing important old relationships, creating healthier new relationships, changing careers, cultivating hobbies, and welcoming closeness.
I utilize a Modern Analytic group technique (developed by Hyman Spotnitz and Lou Ormont) that focuses on interpersonal relations in the here-and-now and uses techniques to actively engage all group participants. Rather than confronting defenses head on, the modern analytic approach seeks to highlight resistances by using a technique called “bridging” which invites group members to function as agents of change for each other in group.

Ricki L. Geiger LCSW, CGP