Healing and Peace

This is a time in our history that will have indelible effects on our lives and future generations.  Coping with COVID has created many challenges; dealing with quarantine has not been easy and people feel trapped, anxious, scared and hopeless.  All of these feelings are normal as this pandemic is ongoing with no end date in … Read more

Dealing With Disappointment

One of the ongoing challenges of everyday life is how to handle disappointment.Life is full of them. They happen regardless of how well we try to prevent them.Allowing oneself to feel the bad feeling and allowing it to pass through you is the best way to not get mired down with lingering bad thoughts.  Disappointment … Read more


MAKING time for quiet is essential to one’s well being.  Being with quiet allows one’s mind topause and relax; and thoughts and feelings reign free unemcumbered by the busyness of every day life.  It isn’t always easy to separate from others and time from all the doing. However, MAKING a conscious commitment to Quiet is a … Read more


And how we need it…more than ever.  In a time full of strife, suffering and conflict; being kind with ourselves and others can combat the uncontrollable facets of our lives.  Perhaps a National Kindness Day; March on Washington.  Whenthere is a chaos , the best and most we can do is be kind.


It seems to be the word a lot of people are using these days. What is balance?  Balance is the capacity to hold present anxiety, fears, bad feelings and thoughts with an awareness that we can’t control the next moment, (except to be present) and our fears, bad feelings and thoughts do pass when we allow … Read more

Living With Uncertainty

Living with uncertainty causes fear in many people. What will happen tomorrow and the day after? Although uncertainty is a natural part of life and always present for everyone; making changes may be especially hard when the future is simply unknown.  If you take a moment and think about all the times you have made a … Read more


Defintion: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  Humans can endure a lot.The passage of time coupled with mental and physical strength make us all resilient during stressful times.Holding this challenge is hard at times, making some want to surrender, become hopeless and immobilized.Others, can tolerate the uncertainty with greater fortitude.  Let us all be … Read more


Avoidance is the hope that with time and unconsciousness the painful unresolved feelings or issue will go away. But, we know, it never does and all too often, avoiding what needs to be addressed makes the problem worse.  Avoidance is fueled by projection and the imagined repercussions of dealing with what’s in front on one at … Read more

Ricki L. Geiger LCSW, CGP