Happier Holidays: Turning Stress Into Joy

Joy1Happier Holidays: Turning Stress Into Joy

Successful Strategies for Maintaining Calm and Enhancing Enjoyment During YOUR Holidays

  • Mindfulness – being conscious of yourself (thoughts, feelings and triggers) is the key to a happier holiday. 
  • PAUSE and take time to clarify what the holidays mean to you.
  • Let the past ‘be.’  It’s over. There is nothing we can do about last year’s holiday.
  • What is most important to you this holiday? 
  • How can you make that happen? 
  • If you will be by yourself, try to remember that we, human beings, are all connected even if not together physically.  What can you do for yourself that will be nurturing?
  • Adjust your expectations to what is most likely to happen?  Idealism vs. Reality 
  • Disappointment is often created when we hold on to an outcome. 
  • If you need to take space, tell someone where you are going and for how long. 
  • Be mindful about what you are feeling during your time with family or guests?
  • Where are you noticing stress in your body?
  • Take a moment to put your hand over heart and breathe.
  • PAUSE to stay present in the moment and take in what is good.
  • How other people act and what other people say is not about you.

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