Accepting Change

Entering psychotherapy, exploring oneself and one’s relationship to self and others is a challenging process. In the early stages of “treatment” clients express the depths of internalized superego negative messages which translates into beating oneself up coupled with self blame, shame and lack of forgiveness. These are uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to sit with, get … Read more

Appreciating Each Day

Years ago I read a small precious book by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk, called Present Moment, Wonderful Moment.   It is a series of daily reminders about living more fully in each moment. One in particular stays with me asI practice it each morning.  It has to do with holding our awareness as we … Read more

Mindful Walking

I’ve noticed myself being very careful walking the last few days as snow and ice have descended upon Chapel Hill. I wish I was this mindful every day, walking to my car, driving. Mindful walking, or walking as if you have already arrived, is a gift. How often do you pause and notice the pavement … Read more

Complicated Lives

People wonder today whether our lives are easier with cell phones, computers, Skype and all the technology. Yes, perhaps, easier in that we don’t have to go down to a river source and wash our clothes on some rocks and we can let Uncle Al know if his brother is ill within seconds rather than … Read more


As the new year unfolds, many of us find ourselves in the fast lane on cruise.  It’s a challenge to downshift and take the time for a new speed, a new rhythm, that allows for more space in one’s thoughts and day. What makes taking time to PAUSE so hard?  Is it the fear of bad … Read more

Staying Present in the Moment!

With all our advanced and ultra fast technology, we are being encouraged, if not programmed to get ahead of ourselves.  Some people I know with years of work before retirement are already thinking and planning for 5, 10 years ahead.  Worrying worrying worrying about a future one can’t predict or totally control. And then…the moment … Read more

Everyone Wants to BELONG!

As Thanksgiving and Christmas pass away for 2014, and the new year is upon us, there is excitement for some, fear and worry for others.  Everyone wants to BELONG with someone somewhere for the end of year celebration.  Sometimes we choose to be alone which is fine as well.  The key, though, is to feel … Read more

Sitting With Separateness

As the holidays are upon us, there are expectations spoken and unspoken about family time.  Many clients share that the pressure to be “on”  is so difficult especially if one is an introvert.  Introverts, while social, need time to recharge and will often need to take space even in the middle of a family gathering.  Extroverts, … Read more

Happier Holidays: Turning Stress Into Joy

Happier Holidays: Turning Stress Into JoySuccessful Strategies for Maintaining Calm and Enhancing Enjoyment During YOUR Holidays Mindfulness – being conscious of yourself (thoughts, feelings and triggers) is the key to a happier holiday. PAUSE and take time to clarify what the holidays mean to you.Let the past ‘be.’  It’s over. There is nothing we can do … Read more

Ricki L. Geiger LCSW, CGP